There has been another senior executive departing Zynga. This time it is the executive in charge of overseeing its Zynga Poker. This comes just days after Zynga predicted losses for the third quarter which resulted in their share price taking another serious knock as we reported.

Laurence “Lo” Toney was the General Manager of Zynga Poker, The departure was confirmed by AllThingsD as well as on Toney’s Linkedin profile. As our regular readers are aware Zynga has announced that it plans to offer a real money online poker offering in the first half of the 2013. CEO Mark Pincus believes that the transition from free-to-play to real-money-gambling could generate billions for the struggling social gaming giant.

Zynga Poker is still the world’s most popular online poker game and the chance to monetize it would be a major boost to the future of Zynga. The online poker market is worth billions and should the legal issues in the U.S. be sorted out, the sky is the limit for Zynga.

Their share price has tanked since their IPO launch in December where it was trading at $10. Currently the share price is in the region of $2.43 which is a drop of over 70%. Toney was with Zynga since 2010 and is another in a list of senior executives who have abandoned ship. While many are skeptical about the chances for Zynga to recover, it is well worth betting on them making a recovery if and when their real money online poker offering comes into play. They are still the largest social gaming company in the world with over 300 million monthly users of which Zynga Poker has over 40 million monthly users.

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