Zynga’s Latest Executive Departure Is Rival Betable’s Gain

As we at scratch-fever have reported on extensively, there is a new startup company Betable which is changing the way the social gaming world is being looked at.While Zynga has had a tumultuous few months they have already announced their intentions to enter the real money gaming market in the first half of 2012 with an online poker offering. The bets are on if this move will manage to turn their fortunes around. In the meantime they have had to deal with mass departures of leading executives.

The latest exec to leave is Ya-Bing Chu who was a vice president at Zynga.He held the strategic position of managing Zynga’s mobile division. He was responsible for popular gaming hits like Scramble with friends as well as Zynga’s ace-in-the hole Zynga Poker.What makes this latest departure interesting is the fact that Chu has joined what many consider to be a major threat to Zynga’s real money gambling intentions. He has joined the much talked about UK startup Betable which basically offers any free-to-play gaming company the opportunity to utilize their legal platform to make the changeover to real money gambling.

Currently Betable are able to fully operate in the UK as they are licensed by the gambling commission. As their physical infrastructure and servers are located in the UK it means that they can operate anywhere in theory. The potential for social gaming companies to enter the real money gambling arena is unlimited. Betable have in essence the ideal solution which allows gaming companies to concentrate solely on their gaming expertise and leave all the red tape for Betable to handle with regards to the legal requirements for real money gambling.

As we reported Betable have already entered into some significant partnerships with social gaming companies who are now in the process of entering the real money option. These include Big Fish Games, Slingo, Digital Chocolate and Murka Games.

We also reported that Zynga is using bwin.party to enter the real money gambling arena in the UK. Betable is in essence becoming a viable alternative for any new social gaming company that is looking to monetize their apps. They have in effect leveled the playing grounds for smaller gaming companies to compete with giants like Zynga. This is no doubt adding to Zynga’s headaches as monetizing games which was once an expensive and lengthy process has now become relatively easy with Betable. Added to that is the fact that Betable is poaching Zynga’s brain trusts and you see why this is an intriguing situation for both Zynga and Betable.

Chu believes that Betable will assist gaming companies to invest in new games as soon as they start seeing real money revenues with particular emphasis on mobile gaming. Betable was only founded in 2011 and has about 18 employees. It is well worth “betting” that they will see this number grow dramatically as more and more social gaming companies begin to crossover to real money gambling.

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