The online gambling industry is undergoing some groundbreaking changes. One of the most interesting trends is that of the rise of social gamingand social gambling. One of the most interesting companies in his arena is the giant social gaming powerhouse, Zynga.

Social gaming is of interest to us as online scratch card enthusiasts as many consider scratch games the ultimate bridge between social gaming and social gambling. With scratch cards attracting millions of players on a daily basis who are not heavy gamblers, it is easy to see why many define the simple scratch format as that of a social gaming one.

The partnership between Zynga and Facebook is one of dependency as 90% of Zynga’s revenues are from Facebook On the other hand Facebook’s main revenues are generated from Zynga.

Zynga’s share price has recently been on an interesting ride with sharp rises and increases. The latest share price drop lead to the Nasdaq halting trading on their shares on Tuesday  after Zynga’s share price reported sharp falls. Circuit breakers were triggered in order to halt the share price drop.

There has been mixed fortunes for Zynga of late with daily uses dropping by 8.2% last month which represents the second month in a row for share price drops. The share price of Zynga dropped to close at $4.98 which is a steep decline of 10.2% from the day before.

It should be worth noting that their share price was trading as high as $15.91 on March 02. This dramatic rise was contributed to positive speculation that Zynga would be entering the real-money gambling market. Currently their online free-to-play online poker offering Zynga Poker is the world’s most popular poker in the world. The thinking is that when online poker and gambling is legalized in the U.S. then Zynga would be in prime position to convert millions of their loyal free-to-play players to real-money gamblers.

The new thinking in the gaming industry is leaning towards attracting millions through lighter more user friendly formats like that of the scratch card. Affordability is essential in today’s times when offering gaming choices. The simple fact that anyone with 10p can start scratching and winning is what is making the scratchcard a viable choice for both gaming operator and scratchcard fan.

With Facebook dismal IPO launch, Zynga has been affected negatively as they are highly dependent on Facebook’s success.

It will be interesting to see what lies in stall for Zynga. It seems that they are aware of their dependency problems on Facebook as they have launched their own site for their online games. In an effort to branch out Zynga has also entered the ever rising mobile gaming market which is enjoying unprecedented growth.

The link between Zynga, Facebook and social gambling like scratch cards is one to follow. The combination of social networks offering social gamers the chance to enjoy social gambling like scratchies seems to be a recipe for success. We look forward to following the link between social gaming and social gambling with all eyes on the invisible line which is being blurred by the day.

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