Zynga is pulling out all the stops in a concerted effort to regain their former glory days. As we have been reporting extensively, Zynga has had a tumultuous few months with their share price tanking by over 70% since its IPO in December 2011. They are currently struggling to remain in the $3 range and many experts believe that there days could be numbered unless they come up with one serious bailout strategy.

Their latest move their plans to enter the real money gambling arena. They have declared their intentions to offer a real money online poker version of their Zynga Poker in the first half of 2012. As we reported there were even leaked screenshots of what appears to be their real money gambling site in development.

The latest addition to Zynga’s team is none other then Maytal Ginsburg Olsha who was a senior vice president of corporate and regulated markets at the real money gambling powerhouse 888. She is set to become the new chief operating officer on new markets for Zynga.


Zynga Poker boasts over 35 million monthly users and has the potential to bail out the social gaming giant from their current predicament. The last few weeks have seen senior executives leaving Zynga and have included the chief operating officer, chief creative officer, general managers and a couple of vice presidents to boot.

While many see these mass departures as insiders abandoning a sinking ship, it is well worth betting on CEO Mark Pincus as a real money version of Zynga Poker could be the ultimate game changer for them. With their latest addition of online gambling experts like Maytal Ginsburg, it is clear that Zynga are betting heavily on the real money gambling option to payoff big.

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