Our regular readers will be well aware of how extensively we have covered one of the most influential social gaming and now gambling companies on the market Zynga. It is hard to track what seem like weekly changes that have seen Zynga rise and fall to lows and highs no one could have guessed possible. Following their IPO launch about a year ago, their share price was $10 and since has tanked by over 75% .Added to this are falling profits and investors losing confidence with CEO Mark Pincus. Despite their trial and tribulations many are still prepared to have a flutter on Zynga who have stated their intention to enter the real money gambling market.

Currently Zynga’s trump card is Zynga Poker which is the world’s most popular free-to-play online poker game. In what is welcome news for the struggling Zynga, their Zynga Poker app was the highest grossing iPhone game for the year 2012 in the UK.

This news could not come at a better time as Zynga are on the brink of testing the real money gambling waters. After signing an agreement with bwin.party and applying for an online license in Nevada the stage is set for what could be the ultimate comeback for the gaming giant that was the subject of unprecedented hype only a year ago. It is intriguing to follow path that CEO Pincus has chosen and time will tell whether his decision to go the real money gambling route will pay off or whether Zynga will continue their decline.

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