The world’s largest social gaming company Zynga seems to be making just the right moves of late in order to place it in a prime position to cash in on both its’ social games and soon to what most believe will be their real-money games.

Their poker offering Zynga Poker currently holds the enviable spot of being the largest and most popular free-to-play online poker game in the world with millions of loyal and committed daily users. This is an impressive feat as Zynga Poker was only launched in 2007 and has become the fourth most popular game on Facebook!

Online poker has never been so popular globally and the U.S. online poker market is the center of focus currently with the U.S. online gambling market undergoing dramatic changes. As anyone who reads the U.S. news knows that the online gambling market has received a major boost since last year’s Justice Departments revised stance on the Wire Act of 1961. There are hectic changes underway by many states to get their ducks in a line through legislation that would allow then to offer legal online gambling. The forerunners are states Like Nevada who have already started issuing gaming licenses. Other prominent states are New Jersey and California which are leading the way.

Social gaming companies like Zynga could in the very near future offer their free-to-play Zynga game in a real money gambling option. It is for this reason that they are constantly improving their social casino games. Their latest improvement to their Zynga Poker game is their introduction of “bumping” technology to its Android application.

To understand how it works it is best to get it from the horse’s mouth,” While you’re sitting at a table, place your Android Beam enabled device against your friend’s Android Beam enabled phone or tablet and touch the screen to send them the invite. As long as your friend’s phone is unlocked, they will be able to join your table and can choose to sit and play, or watch.”

As Zynga themselves point out this new technology is something out of Star Wars and certainly takes their Zynga Poker literally to another world with their “Android beam.”

The sky is the limit for Zynga who may soon be laughing all the way to the bank when they convert millions of their loyal social gamers to real-money poker players as soon as the legal situation in the U.S. is cleared up.

There is no doubting that Zynga are sitting on one of the most lucrative assets in the online poker world. While earning billions currently from the social free-to-play version, the real-money option if it happens could make Zynga into a global gambling powerhouse that could compete with any of the major gambling entities.

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