Zynga Officially Launches Real Money Gambling In Britain

Social gaming giant Zynga proves what a difference a new year can have. We have been following the world’s largest gaming giant as they represent to a large extent what is happening in the social and real money gaming world. It seems that only a short while ago the worlds of free-to-play casino and real money games were far apart with each attracting its own audience. This all changed largely to Facebook accepting real money games on their global network in July last year.

Another major factor contributing to the gold rush of real money gaming is the decision in the U.S. by the Justice Department late in 2011 to revise its position on the Wire Act of 1961. This in essence has led to the U.S. online gambling market being opened up for the first time to eventually legalize internet gambling in some form or other. While there is still no uniform consensus among legislators or the Federal government many states have gone the solo route and have legalized online gambling. These inlcude Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey to an extent. With this in mind many established U.S. gaming and gambling parties have been getting their ducks up in a row for the nationwide and global relaxation of online gambling we are seeing.

Our regular readers know all too well the disastrous year Zynga had with many predicting their downfall. In December 2012 one of the speculations was that Zynga was to launch real money gaming in the first half of 2013. With what seemingly seems was blow after blow, it was confirmed on Tuesday 02 April 2013 that they will be officially offering real money gaming with their poker and casino-style gaming sites in partnership with Bwin.party. Initially these will be on offer in Britain but no doubt have their eye o the bigger picture both in the U.S and beyond.

Not surprising, Zynga’s share price rose by over 5.5% to $3.24 in reaction to the good news. With over 300 million users Zynga is betting it all on ral money gambling to get back their mojo and return to the $10 mark of their IPO launch in late 2011.For British punters ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino will be theirs to enjoy and play for real money both online as well as an application.

Chief Revenue Officer Barry Cottle o Zynga said,” Our long term vision is to offer our players the next generation of real money games on multiple platforms in regulated markets worldwide.”

It will be fascinating to see if this groundbreaking event for Zynga leads to their return to glory or is just another failed attempt to revive a fading entity.

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