Online gambling has dramatically changed over the last few years as it has been widely accepted that many people gamble on a social basis and choose formats like online scratch cards that have a clear social aspect to them.

Social gambling like scratch cards are so popular due to their simplicity and ability to share experiences with other like minded people. The global scratchcard format is impossible not to recognize and enjoy and for this reason is the first choice of gambling for many.

It has been confirmed that the largest social gaming developer in the world Zynga is in talks with the U.S. based casino giant Wynn Resorts. The talks are aimed at forming a partnership in light of the dramatic developments in the online gambling industry in the U.S.

As we have been reporting, the new stance of the Justice department on the wire Act of 1961 has led to door opening up for legalizing gambling.

It should be noted that Zynga is the main social games provider for the largest social network in the World, Facebook. They currently boast over 232 million users monthly in over 166 countries. Besides being available on Facebook, Zynga’s games are extremely popular and prevalent with mobile users worldwide.

Mobile scratchcards are the hottest trend in the scratch card market. All major scratch sites like have a dedicated mobile scratch card site that is guaranteed to provide the ultimate experience in mobile scratch card games. It has never been so easy and fun to scratch and win on your mobile device.

In the U.S. alone there are over 20 states actively looking to pass legislation to legalize gambling. Most of these states see gambling as a cash cow which is desperately needed in light of tough economic times.

The fact that it is election year makes this issue more relevant than usual as many politicians seek to utilize casino revenues as an alternative to raising taxes.

Scratch cards provide a distinct advantage for legislators pondering the legalization of gambling as they offer a great compromise between harder forms of gambling which evoke opposition amongst many.

Scratch cards are widely considered a softer and even social type of gambling which is primarily a form of entertainment. With scratchies starting from 10p it is hard to claim that people would spend irresponsibly when scratching and winning.

CEO of Zynga has been widely quoted as saying that the possibility of converting their loyal fan base to real money games is “mind blowing”.
This latest partnership between Zynga and Wynn resorts is just one of many interested parties looking to capitalize on the fast developing U.S. market.

CEO of Zynga mark Pincus is well aware of the power of social gambling and the switch over to real money gambling could be one of the most lucrative changeovers imaginable.

What is abundantly clear from Zynga and Wynn Resorts’ partnership is that the line between social gambling like scratch cards and real gambling has never been so close. We can only look forward to the scratch card community growing through giant social networks while spreading the online scratch card wealth amongst millions worldwide.

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