As we have reported extensively, the giant social games company Zynga has clearly set its sights on the seemingly inevitable legalization of the U.S. online gambling market. As of last year the status quo of U. S. internet gambling has changed drastically with the new Stance of the Justice Department on the Wire Act of 1961.

In effect this means that the main stumbling blocks for internet gambling have been removed and it is just a matter of time before we see online gambling a reality in the U.S.

Zynga has long been aware of the power of social casino based free-to-play games. Their Zynga Poker is the most popular online poker game in the world and they enjoy millions of daily loyal users. In addition they also recently released Zynga Bingo which is also aimed at the social casino gaming player.

Zynga have taken yet another bold move to enter the real money the casino arena with their launch of Zynga Slots today. Zynga Slots is especially designed to work on the ever popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This new app will be available from the App store and features cutting edge graphics as well as built-in social elements never been seen before.

As we all know the mobile online revolution has meant unprecedented growth for online gambling like scratch cards. It has never been so convenient for millions of scratch game enthusiasts to scratch and win with a touch of a button. Technological advances in mobile devices like tablets and smartphones has taken the traditional scratch card to another level previously unkown.

Zynga Mobile’s vice president Justin Cinicolo said,” As Zynga’s second mobile casino game, Zynga Slots brings the thrill of Las Vegas slot machines to the palm of players’ hands while introducing social elements for players to share the excitement with their friends. We’re continually listening to player feedback on the kinds of games they enjoy playing, and we’ll be sure to bring more high-quality iOS games to players based on the genres they enjoy.”

We at continue to be fascinated by the undeniable link between social gaming and social gambling like that of scratch cards. Both social gaming and scratch cards are enjoyed my millions primarily as a form of light entertainment.

The fact that one has the chance to win millions of pounds in scratch card jackpots with as little as 10p makes them the ideal bridge that opens the world of real money online gambling to social gamers. We have no doubt that when the U.S. online gambling market is officially legalized many social gamers will turn to the social format of online scratch cards as one of their first gambling choices.

It comes therefore as no big surprise that social gaming giants like Zynga continue to offer free-to-play casino games in the knowledge that it is just a matter of time before they can start converting these players to real-money earners.

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