Zynga Embarks On Aggressive Patent Registration

For all our regular readers it would come as no surprise that further signs of Zynga’s plans to enter real money gambling have emerged. It was only last month that we reported on the landing pages for Zynga Plus Casino and Zynga Plus Poker.

The latest proof of their progress comes in the form of patents. According to a well known intellectual property research firm Envision IP, there has been a dramatic increase in patents registered by Zynga. It was only a year ago when Zynga only held a single patent and had about 9 patents pending. Currently they are reported to have been on an aggressive patent registration process with about 89 U.S. patents held and 36 pending.

Their 50 U.S. patents cover a wide spectrum that includes everything from “harvest mechanics for interactive social games to ‘finding friends for multi-user online games”.

According to MD of Envsion Maulin Shah there are also an additional 38 patents that include patents that are related to online gambling and casino technologies. These have been reassigned by controversial company Walker Digital.

The reassigned patents are all connected to different element of technology related to casino gaming that include technology that enables players to place bets.Like any respectable company looking to get into an industry Zynga have made sure that they have their patents covered for legal purposes. It comes as no surprise that Zynga continues to adopt a hush hush attitude and declined to comment on the latest patent reports.

Walker Digital is a controversial company as they are well known for trying to make a quick buck by what is known as “patent trolling”. Companies like Walker Digital who engage in patent trolling are controversial as they try to enforce patent litigation against infringes by being opportunistic and with no intention to actually market or manufacture the patented product.  They are notorious for obtaining these patents from bankrupt companies or dubious claims that they came up with the idea first.

Walker Digital was even singled out for going after major global companies like Amazon, Google and Zynga by the Wall Street Journal. By sheer “co-incidence” Walker Digital dropped their lawsuit against Zynga and reassigned the 33 patents back to them. This led to many speculating as to if Zynga paid for the patents. As to be expected both Zynga and Walker Digital have not commented on this amazing timing.There is no doubting Zynga’s determination to get their real-money gambling options up and running as soon as possible. We will continue to follow them closely.

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