After a major collapse in Zynga’s shares yesterday, CEO Mark Pincus has pulled what seems to be the ace in the hole. As we have widely reported Zynga has been eyeing out the real-money gambling option. This has just been confirmed by Pincus who said the Zynga will be offering real money online poker in first half of 2013.

As we have been commenting, social gamers spend much less than real-money gamblers, It is estimated that Zynga users currently spend anything from $2- 3$ per month. In contrast online gambling revenues from players can easily reach up to $300 per month per user.

Currently Zynga Poker is the golden ticket for Zynga to recoup their losses and return them to their former glory days. Being the world’s largest social online poker game, it is easy to imagine how their daily estimated 7 million users would easily follow Zynga to their real-money poker offering.

While investors have hammered Zynga’s share price, this situation would change just as easily in their favor with their seemingly guaranteed winner for real-money version of Zynga Poker.

Pincus stated that their real-money poker will be conditional on the specific country regulations. Although not yet legal in all U.S. states there are already some states that have legalized the option of online poker and is set to be clarified by the federal authorities soon.

While Zynga suffered losses yesterday with earnings coming in less than a projected, it is still an excellent bet for a major comeback when it enters the real-money poker world.

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