There are more interesting details coming out of a speech from the world’s largest social gaming company Zynga, CEO Mark Pincus at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference held this week.As we have reported extensively Zynga has been in the headlines in past few months and sometimes for the wring reasons. One of the main criticisms of CEO Mark Pincus is his timing of their IPO. To refresh our memories Zynga lauched their IPO in December 2011 where they raised $1 billion with issuing 100 million shares at $10 a share. This was the largest Internet –based IPO since Google in 2004.

Since then Zynga’s share price has dropped dramatically and is trading under $5 which in effect means the Zynga has lost nearly $5 billion of its value since their IPO offering in December last year.This has been compounded by Facebook’s disappointing IPO as the two companies are perceived to be too independent on each other by many industry experts. Responding to the claims of low morale among Zynga employees from Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky, Pincus acknowledged the effect of employees and investors as a result of the share price drop yet he has plans in the pipeline to change Zynga’s fortunes.

One of the aims of Pincus is to expand their online games to other avenues besides Facebook in order to expand their revenues. Zynga has already launched their own independent website where all their popular games are currently available to all. Pincus was quick to point out that Zynga could develop games for any other social network. It just happens to be that Facebook has managed to take Zynga’s games to “stratospheric heights.”

Most interesting was the statement issued by Pincus in that he intended expanding Zynga’s presence in the mobile gaming market, advertising and real-money gambling.

The real-money gambling is the most significant and interesting option toted by Pincus. As we all know online gambling is in the process of transformation in the U.S. as we speak. All industry experts believe that it is just a matter of time before online gambling will be legalized on a state by state basis on perhaps even on a federal level.

As anyone who plays social games on Facebook knows, Zynga’s free-to-play casino games are among the most popular games overall. Their Zynga Poker is the largest social online poker game in the world with millions of dedicated players. Add to this their Zynga Slots and Zynga Bingo and you get a clearer picture of where Pincus is taking Zynga.

While social games generate billions in revenues, this is a drop in the ocean to what real-money casino games could generate. Whatever Zynga has lots since December in their share price, could easily be recovered the second online gambling becomes legal in the U.S. It is perhaps for this reason that Pincus seems to always remain optimistic about Zynga’s future.

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