It has been a bad or “challenging” few months for social gaming giant Zynga. CEO Mark Pincus is coming under increasing pressure to step down in light of the dismal performances of this once undisputed online gaming powerhouse.

Zynga has lost over 70% in its value since its IPO launch in December 2011.CEO and controlling shareholder of Zynga Mark Pincus, is coming under pressure from shareholders pushing for drastic changes even to the extent of selling Zynga. Currently Pincus holds 50.15% of voting rights for Zynga shares which largely leaves the selling decisions to him alone. In the past Pincus has been adamant that he will never consider a sale.

Analysts like Falcon Point Capital LLC believe that if sold Zynga might fetch in the region of $7.30 a share. Currently Zynga are struggling to remain in the $3 range. This is prompting many shareholders to raise the question of a sell.

When asked recently about the possibility of a sell a spokeswoman for Zynga, Dani Dudeck stated,” We remain focused on this sector to deliver an engaging social experience to our players, and to develop and create the best social gaming products in the industry,”

Pincus himself as always stated his intention to keep Zynga “independent” as he puts it. He was even quoted at a PandoDaily event in July as saying,” I was upfront with everybody. We’re never going to sell the company. There is no exit.’ I’ve said, ‘My only exit is by natural causes.”

The question still remains of who would be interested in purchasing Zynga at the moment if Pincus would buckle to shareholders pressure to sell. Major global brands have been thrown around and includes Electronic Arts, Sony Corp, Microsoft and even Google.

There is no getting away from the fact that Zynga are facing challenging times yet they are still the global leader in social games. Added to this is their stated intention to monetize their online poker in the first half of 2013. The potential is there yet many believe that it all comes down to the controlling shareholder and CEO Mark Pincus. Only the coming few months will prove if his gamble on the company’s future was the right decision or perhaps he should have considered selling the company as many shareholders and analysts are advising he does.

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