As the world’s largest social gaming company, Zynga strategic moves always attract attention from online gambling market watchers. While there is no doubting their dominance on major social networks like Facebook, some investors have been questioning Zynga’s performance in the mobile arena.

As we all know the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices has never been so high which is largely due to competitive prices and fierce rivalry between major smartphone manufactures like Apple and Samsung.

This unprecedented growth of smartphones has results in many of us using our mobile devices as our main gateway to play our social games.

Zynga’s CEO recently commented on the mobile market at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Aspen. He pointed out that Zynga has enjoyed massive success on social networks like Facebook as “that’s where people were hanging out.” He further said that the growing trend of mobile smartphone users is a factor which Zynga needs to address as this is where the masses are tending to go.

Pincus said,” Mobile is definitely earlier-stage [than web], but we’re encouraged because all of you are holding smartphones in your hands, half of you are playing games today and we can all do in-app purchases. All of the components are there.”

Pincus also pointed out to the critics that he believes that currently Zynga is already the largest mobile gaming network.

Commenting on the speculation that Zynga was looking into the possibility of entering the real-money gambling market when it becomes legally possible to do so. Pincus confirmed what we all already know in that they are certainly keeping all their option open. Pincus even went further to say that Zynga would not oppose joining a lobby to change the current U.S gambling market but emphasized that they would hope to push for less heavy forms of gambling and concentrate more on mass market consumer–orientated gambling.

This last statement could be aimed at the likes of online scratch cardswhich are certainly not considered a heavy type of gambling. Scratchcards are the ideal mass market orientated form of affordable and user-friendly gambling which could provide harmless and accessible fun.Mobile scratch card apps are already popular and available as scratch site operators are well aware of the need to keep up with the latest technology trends.

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