The smartphone market is without a doubt one of the most fiercely competitive markets out there. Mobile devices and mobile gambling are seen as the future playground for many looking to engage online. With smartphones and tablets developing at the pace they are now, it is easily conceivable to see the PC become relegated to a secondary device at home while the smartphone and tablet become the primary device for many to remain online and in touch.

Currently the smartphone market is dominated by Samsung and Apple there have been moves by other smartphone manufacturers to change the status quo. One such manufacture is the once legendary Nokia manufacturer. It is hard to believe but only a few years ago they were the main phone maker.

Recently they have partnered up with Microsoft in launching the Nokia Lumia in an effort to compete with the ever popular iPhone and Galaxy Series by Samsung.
In their latest move they have announced that they have entered into a partnership with the world’s largest social gaming developer, Zynga in which the popular Zynga Poker and Draw Something will be available to download to Nokia’s Asha Touch Devices in the third quarter of 2012. Nokia believes that over 100 million online users will have played these games by the end of fall of 2012.

Both Zynga Poker and Draw Something will be available on Nokia’s App store which they claim boasts over 5 billion downloads to date.

In an official statement from Nokia they said,” The announcement reinforces Nokia’s commitment to delivering must-have app and gaming experiences to consumers of Nokia Series 40 devices, including the Nokia Asha Touch range. Nokia Asha Touch users already enjoy a variety of mobile gaming experiences enabled by global partners such as EA, Gameloft, Rovio, NAMCO BANDAI and now, Zynga.”

Nokia also released figures to support their smartphone range growth in which they claimed that over 42% of content downloaded from the Nokia Store between January –April 2012 was delivered to their Series 40 Devices which includes their Asha Touch range.

Nokia will have its work cut out for them in competing with the dominant powerhouses of Apple and Samsung. With the iPhone 5’s release imminent and the unbelievable success of the Galaxy S III it is hard to see how Nokia will make a serious impact on the smartphone industry.

For Zynga it is another avenue in which they hope to get some positive results after a bumpy ride of late. Their dramatic share price drop after Q2 earnings were announced as well as investor confidence at an all-time low has meant that they are in need of some positive news. Their announcement of their intentions to launch a real money online poker offering in the first half of 2013 could well be boosted by teaming up with another ambitious smartphone player like that of Nokia. It remains to be seen if this mutually beneficial partnership pays off in the coming months.

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