We at scratch-fever.com continue to follow closely the narrowing gap between social gaming and social gambling like online scratch cardsas the similarities are clear to all. While scratchcards are still a softer form of gambling many millions still choose them as a way to entertain themselves in a social and soft gambling format.

There seems to be no stopping the world’s largest social gaming market, Zynga from entering the real-money gambling arena .In addition to their highly successful Zynga Poker and Zynga Bingo they have just released “Elite Slots” which features stunning graphics on a slots game that incorporates social elements.

Zynga also announced their additions to their “Ville” games with the introduction of “The Ville” and “CherVille” to their highly popular ”Ville” Games.
Zynga enjoys over 290 million monthly users of their popular games that feature n Facebook and other social networks.

Zynga have also launched mobile versions of their popular games which enamel all smartphone and tablet users to benefit from their array of free-to-play casino games.
Mobile gaming like that of social scratch cards are increasing in popularity. The chance to scratch and win million-pound scratchie with a touch of a button is the ultimate in online gambling. All top scratch card sites have fully featured mobile scratch apps that make playing and winning as social as dialing a friend.

As we have reported extensively Zynga as made its intention clear to prepare itself for when real money online gambling is fully legalized in the U.S.

Only last week Nevada became the first U.S. state to issue online gambling licenses. There is no doubt that many other states are set to follow and it is just a matter of time before legalized online gambling becomes a countrywide reality in the United States.

Zynga has strategically placed themselves in prime position to be one of the first online gambling operators to hit the ground running as soon as the green light is given by the authorities. With millions of dedicated users , there is no question that a big percentage of their current free-to-play casino gaming players would be happy to make the transition to real-money gambling. Anyone who plays any of Zynga’s casino games can recognize the canny similarities between their virtual games and the real thing.

While the social gaming market is a multi-billion dollar industry, Zynga is definitely betting big on the real prize of real-money online gambling.

It is worth remembering what CEO Mark Pincus said that he sees mind blowing possibilities in the online gambling space earlier in the year.

There is no stopping the world of social gambling and social gaming from converging. The format of the classic scratch card is considered by many as the ultimate bridge between these two worlds.

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