In breaking news that will certainly come as no surprise to our regular readers, Zynga the world’s largest social casino gaming company provider has made its boldest step yet towards real-money gambling.

According to reports GTECH G2 and Playtech have both confirmed that they have submitted bids to Zynga which would ultimately provide them with a real money online poker platform for their Zynga Poker.

As we have reported extensively in the past, CEO of Zynga Marc Pincus has always hinted at the possibility of real-money gambling and it was only last week that he was quoted as saying that Zynga is “exploring” real money online poker and other gambling options.

He even went further when commenting in reports that Zynga had recently hired lobbyists to push for online gambling legalization. In an interview with CNBC he was quoted as saying “we’d like to participate in the conversation.”

Zynga has made many open and behind the scenes moves to place themselves in  prime position to convert their millions of loyal free-to-play players to the real-money gambling market as soon as U.S. authorities legalize the market. This has never been so close as already states like Nevada and Delaware have already started granting online gambling licenses which are set to come into play in the near future. We all remember the reliable reports of Zynga entering into talks with well know established land casinos such as Wynn Resorts which would aid them in acquiring and implementing real-money gambling.

Their latest partnership with gaming giants Playtech and Gtech 2 who would provide a solution to converting their Zynga Poker to a real money platform is intriguing. As all online poker fans are aware, Zynga Poker is the world’s largest online social poker game and is one of the overall most popular games on giant social networks like Facebook. It boasts over 35 million monthly users and the real potential for millions of these switching over to the real-money option as soon as it is legal to do so is mind boggling.

While Zynga CEO Pincus has come under a lot of criticism since their IPO launch in December 2011, this latest venture could be his ace in the hole. With online poker gaining in popularity and with an existing loyal database of devoted fans, the sky is the limit for Zynga whether it be their Zynga Poker or one of their other casino-based games. It could well be that Pincus  will has the last laugh if online poker is legalized in the U.S.

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