Online gambling and scratch cards in particular have seen a dramatic growth due largely to the mobile portable devices. With mobile scratchcard apps been delivered directly to our smartphones and tablets it has never been so easy to scratch and win with such ease.

Major scratch card sites like have succeeded in developing cutting edge mobile scratchcard apps that bring us an extravaganza of scratchcard fun at the tips of our fingers.

There pace at which smartphones and tablet devices are taking over the way we think about staying online is hard to keep up with. As we have reported the industry giants in the mobile portable device industry are still Apple and Samsung.

However there are other phone manufacturers who intend changing their dominance of this ever growing market.
In a report in Reuters the Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE is looking to expand their market to the U.S. The Chinese company has said to have sold over 15 million smartphones in 2011 and is currently the fourth largest handset manufacturer in the world.

ZTE were also quite prominent at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in Spain where they made quite an impression.

ZTE has declared that they intend to sell over 50 million smartphones in 2012 and aim to sell over 100 million by 2015.
Many people prefer to exclusively use their mobile devices to have a flutter on their scratchcards instead of being tied down to a computer.

The ability to scratch and win million pound scratchcard jackpots from whenever and wherever you choose is an irresistible proposition for many.

In terms of devices they have announced their intention to release two devices that are a combination of a tablet and phone by the end of the year.

ZTE also have announced that they have chosen not to release new models as they are upgrading two of its highly popular Blade and Skate handsets which have sold millions worldwide already.

Most industry experts agree that the main challenge for contenders to Apple and Samsung is still the need to solidify their brands against these two powerhouses.

As mobile scratch card users we can only look forward to newer and better mobile devices that will power our scratch card industry to even greater things.

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