York Couple Scoop Up £1 Million With National Lottery Millionaire 777 Scratchcard

Despite a 1 in 3.69 million chance a spur of the moment impulsive purchase of a scratchie has made a York couple instant millionaires. The latest scratchcard winner are Carl and Amanda Ruddock who purchased a National Lottery Millionaire 777 Scratchcard on Thursday on their way home. Amanda initially had no intention of purchasing a ticket but after seeing the customer in front of her purchasing one she decided to rely on her impulse and scratch away.

The 34 year old is a mother of four and has been married for 26 years to Carl. Like so many other instant winners Amanda was in disbelief when she saw her ticket was a £1 million life changing jackpot and checked her ticket with husband Carl.

Needless to say the ecstatic couple have many plans for their cash winnings. Firstly they intend to renew their vows and improve on their modest marriage ceremony so many years ago. Both intend learning to drive and even purchase a Land Rover. They intend keeping a portion of the cash to also purchase a new house and to vacation on Australia, Florida and Barbados.

Husband Carl summed up what so many of us dream of saying if we should win a scratchcard jackpot, “It will change our lives and our children’s lives completely, but it won’t change who we are – it just means we won’t have to worry about money.”

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