The chance to win instant cash prizes on when gambling is something we all enjoy. While many think that gambling is only available in casinos, there are alternative ways to have a flutter without ever entering a casino.

One such example is that of the classic scratch card tickets. There is not a country in the world where there is not some sort of variation of lottery or scratch tickets. They might take a different look and form but all utilize the familiar and well known scratchcard format. The reason why these scratch tickets are so popular is the fact that you can have a gamble while on a lunch break or while popping down to your corner store for a packet of cigarettes. For many people the scratch card is a great way to add excitement and the chance to win with only a few dollars.

Well for a secretary at Macon city attorney’s office, a simple scratch card just turned her into an instant millionaire.Jackie Tingle of Lizella became the latest $1 million Lottery Winner in the Georgia lottery when she purchased a scratch ticket while on her lunch break with her son. The Lucky $10 scratch card from the “$100 Million Cash Blast” transformed the 67-year old Tingle’s life in an instant. The mother and son could not believe their luck. Her son Darrin Roberts took her back to work. As they returned to the parking lot Tingle told her son to pull over.

The son Roberts stated,” So I immediately pulled the car over. She took the ticket and pointed at the number on the line that you had to match … and there was $1 million under there It was pretty unbelievable. We had to make sure we weren’t asleep, waking up from a dream. … You have to let it soak in.”
Tingle herself could not believe her lucky fortunes and when asked what she would do with her winnings she said she would use it as a nest egg kind of thing.

It is no surprise that many look to scratchcards as an affordable and easy way to try and get their hands on jackpots normally associated with casino gambling. With online scratch cards one does not even have to leave the comfort of one’s home. If you have a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone online scratchcards are available at the touch of a button whenever and wherever you choose.


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