It is amazing how so many people all over the world indulge themselves with scratch cards as a routine purchase. The fact that they are conveniently available in just about every store, garage or corner shop has lead to them becoming the leaders in affordable gambling for the masses.

For Fannie Watkins of Indiana this is exactly what she did. The Speedway woman bought the wrong scratchcard by mistake and ended up by winning an unbelievable $100,000.

Watkins intended to buy a scratch card ticket at the Sunco station but the clerk handed her the wrong one by mistake. She received the Scorchin’ Hot 9’s scratch off ticket. Luckily for her she decided to buy the scratch ticket despite the clerk’s mistake.

This “mistake” was the best thing to happen to Watkins as she netted $99,999. Watkins was quoted as saying,” I never meant to buy this one. I meant to buy another ticket. I really didn’t believe it. This is amazing.”

Watkins fortunate scratch card jackpot win will enable her to pay off her credit cards and take a trip to visit her family in Texas.

For those of us who are lazy, online scratch cards provide the ultimate alternative to enjoy this timeless gambling option which is renowned for high payout ratios.

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