Many of us choose to gamble online simply because of its convenience and safety. No need to venture out at all hours and when we in we receive our cash instantly. Well for a certain woman in South Carolina she had no problems with purchasing regular scratch tickets the old-fashioned way. Not only that she had complete faith in the U.S. Postal Service as she was quite happy to send her winning $100,000 scratch ticket to the lottery via the post.

The woman purchased a Carolina Panthers scratch-off ticket. Apparently she is a local driver from Surfside who was prepared to take a chance on the U.S. Postal service delivering her winning ticket rather than drive all the way to Columbia which is only 150 miles away.

According to lottery official winners are actually permitted to send in their winning tickets if they are worth $100,000 or less but as to be expected there aren’t too many jackpot winners who do not come and collect their cash in person.  What is even more amusing is the fact that the lottery has returned the favor by mailing the $100,000 lottery scratch ticket winning check to the lucky woman.

For those of us who are more skeptical and wary about relying on mail services and regular scratch tickets then top online scratch card sitesare the easiest and most hassle free way to win dream jackpots. There are even online lottery services which offer all the global lotteries at a touch of a button. They purchase the ticket for you and you get to see and manage the ticket via your online lottery account.

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