Winning Wizards Online Slots Game

Winning Wizards is a 5 reel , five payline slots game that takes you into a magical and mysterious world of crystal balls and magical wands.

There are many unique bonus features in this slot game that include the four-time Bonus features with each one providing additional cash increases.

The Golden Goose Bonus features include, Random credits, Golden Goose Egg-picker, Money or the Egg and Pick a Card.

Random Credit will reward you with up to 200 coins. The Golden Goose Egg-picker gives you the choice if 15 golden eggs with each one offering Free Spins and coins. Money or the Egg you get to choose between 100 coins or the egg which can reward you with 50 free Spins and a multiplier. The final Pick a Card bonus lets you win up 11 free spins and a 6x multiplier.

Winning Wizards could reward you with up to 120,000 coins in the bonus features.

All in all this slots game has great graphics and big cash prizes on offer.

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