William Hill’s “European Roulette” Online Game

The chance to play high-stakes roulette in a live casino is the ultimate thrill in gambling. The thrill of the roulette wheel spinning while you have seconds to place your bet is an adrenalin rush you won’t forget. William Hill offers you the chance to play roulette from the comfort of your own home. European Roulette is their online version that takes you to a live casino where you get to soak up the atmosphere of playing a real live roulette game.They even have a mobile version of this Roulette game which literally means that you have a mobile casino in the palm of your hands.

As you start playing you will be impressed by the life-like graphics which give you the feel of actually sitting in a casino. To start playing choose the chip value you want to play with. To place your bet just click on a number on the roulette table. You get the chance to place various bets simultaneously. You will see a timer which indicates how much time you have left to place bets.

This online version of European Roulette is packed with features that improve your online casino playing experience. You have the view icon which can be used to switch the table view between split and standard screen. You even get the option of changing the color of the table layout.

William Hill’s  European Roulette uses the European style layout which has a single zero. Another addition to the standard layout is that of the Racetrack. This is an extended part of the Roulette layout that enables you to play and place bets by clicking on the corresponding section of the Racetrack, which are Tier, Orphelins, Voisins de Zero and Neighbors.

Your minimum and maximum bets start from £0.1 and go as high as £100 depending on your VIP level. There are two types of Autoplay modes which are simple and advanced. In the simple mode you get to choose the number of rounds to play and in the advanced mode you can choose advanced options such as overall balance.
Even as a novice Roulette player, this online version from William Hill made it easy to play and gave me the chance to experience the world of high-stakes roulette.

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