Voodoo Dolls Online ScratchCard from SpinandWin.com

Voodoo Dolls is an online scratch card game that gives you the chance to pay back the greedy bank manager who we all can identify with. This original scratchie provides one of the best opportunities to take out your frustration against pesky bank managers. In this scratchgame by SpinandWin.com, the aim is simple as in order to win you just have to get the banker to drop the bags of cash.

How you do this is the best fun you will have on a scratch card. You have a voodoo doll in which you get to stick with pins that correspond to body parts of the banker. You get 4 chances to either stick the banker in the eye, feet, heart or hands. Every time you stick the pin tin the doll the banker screams in pain which is music to many of our ears.

Voodoo Dolls is a scratchcard ticket game that can pay up to £100,000 with a single pin placed in the right place.

To partake in this whacky scratchcard you don’t have to rob the bank as bets start at a low £0.10 and can go up to £10.

The graphics and sounds are highly entertaining and funny and the chance to get back at the bank manager is a welcome change. There is no doubt you will get great satisfaction from this scratchie while playing for high-stakes jackpot winnings.

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