Virginia Man Wins Fourth Lottery Scratchcard Jackpot

Many believe that the secret to success is simply how much luck you have. While so many purchase scratchcards due to their high payout ratio, the chances to win major jackpots time after time is a dream come true for a retired postal worker in Virginia. Believe it or not Melvyn Wilson has won over $2 million in scratchcard jackpots since 2004.

His first win was a humble $25,000 in 2004, his second win was $1 miliion also form a scratchie in 2005.  He added a further $500,000 from another scratch off ticket in the same year. Only a few years later he has won again with anther cool half million. When asked what his secret to success was Wilson said,” it all comes down to being “in the right place at the right time.”

It is unknown how many tickets Wilson regularly purchases but Virginia has been in the headlines before for multiple jackpot wins. In 2012 Virginia Fike won $1 million in the morning and another $1 million in the same day later. What are the odds of that happening? With stories like these one may well consider purchasing scratchies in Virgin as the facts don’t lie.

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