Utah Senator Rep.Stephen Sandstrom is one of the few voices which has come out against legalizing online gambling and has already drafted a bill to make sure that online gambling remains illegal in Utah.

Sandstrom was quoted as saying,” We want to opt out and ban any online gambling in the state. We want to keep Utah free from the negative impacts of legalized gambling.”

It is worth noting that Utah is only one of two states including Hawaii that does not permit legal gambling.
This is a example of some of the opinions being voiced that gambling leads to moral decay and brings along with it too many social problems.

Earl L. Grinols,A Professor at Baylor Unoiverstity commented that ,” Too many negative side effects, people don’t kill over a lost game, they do over gambling losses. The U.S. Department of Justice’s conveniently issued legal opinion is a desperate attempt to try and fix today’s recessive economy. It’s clear that President Obama’s fiscal policies have been a complete failure. This latest move by the DOJ will only serve to harm all Americans economically and socially in the long-run.”

He further criticizes the proposed legalization of online gambling as it profits from the vulnerabilities of its players and believes that the U.S. economy should be improved through responsible fiscal policies.

He also took a swipe at President Obama,” This move by the DOJ is just more Obama Administration showboating and will only serve to expand federal government.”

Well we wait to see which voices will prevail but it seems there is an overwhelming tendency to support the legalization of online gambling in the U.S.

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