Lotteries and scratch cards are experiencing boom times in the U.S. despite people having less disposable incomes. This has led many to question how when people should be saving money they instead choose to try their luck at the lotto and scratch cards. Minnesota recorded record lottery sales of $520 million for 2012 up to June 30. This represents an increase of $15.6 million from the previous year. In fact this is the fifth year in arrow where lottery ticket sales have hit new records.

In fact most of the state lotteries in the U.S. are reporting record breaking sales in the last few years. When times are tough it seems that people look for affordable and accessible ways to change their fortunes. It is here where many are exposed to lotto and scratch tickets which are available both at local outlets as well as in the online version of scratch cards and lotto tickets.

The boom in lottery sales has led to CEO of Kentucky Lottery, Arch Gleason stating,” The economic conditions are definitely benefiting us.”

The record jackpot in March’s Mega Millions lotto draw of $640 million has certainly managed to boost nationwide lottery sales. In the state of Iowa where the record jackpot was won, CEO of Iowa Lottery Terry Rich commented on their states impressive lotto sales,” We knew this year would be good, but, ‘Wow.’”

One of the main contributing factors to lottery record sales had been the introduction and promotion of scratch card games. With these scratch tickets the lotto player has the choice to have a bigger chance of winning amounts reaching over $100,000. The ability of lotteries to provide a variety of gambling options is a major reason for their continued success.

There is no doubt that with the U.S online gambling market  in the process of being regulated, online scratch cards are set to increase in popularity and volume.

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