The UK Gambling Commission released its annual report for the period covering April 01 2010 to March 31 2011.
The statistics indicate an overall steady but moderate increase in internet gambling  with most online activity still focused mainly on the National Lottery.

There was an overall slight increase in the remote and non-remote gambling market which generated a gross £5.5 billion.
The revenues of British non-remote sector rose by 5% for 2010/11 compared to the previous year. Gaming machines were mainly responsible for this with an impressive 10% revenue increase.

The non-remote sector made up the largest share within the industry taking a 53% share. The casino sector came in second with 14% and the regulated British sector made up 12%.

An interesting finding of the Commission was that most of the online gambling by British consumers is done on regulated overseas websites. In 2010 the UK consumer market was estimated at £1.9 billion for overseas regulated sites which makes it about three times more than the regulated British internet gambling market.

The numbers for global internet gambling are staggering. The report quotes H2 Gambling Capital that estimates that global remote gambling was estimated at a massive £18 billion for 2010 which represents an impressive growth of 23% from 2008.

In a survey undertaken in March 2011 where 5000 adults were surveyed, 56.2% admitted to playing one form of gambling in the previous four weeks.

In the year to March 2011, The National Lottery proved to be the most popular gambling activity according to 46% of respondents. This was followed by tickets for various social causes with 11.4% and National Lottery Scratchcards making up 10.3%.

Horse Racing, football pools, slots and fruit machines followed in popularity with 4%, 3.1% and 3% respectively.
In terms of remote gambling,11,2% of the 5,000 adults surveyed admitted to have participated in some form of internet gambling in the last 4 weeks.
The increase in remote gambling according to the Commission is largely due to increased online participation in the National Lottery.

In the year to March 2011, 8.65% of respondents stated that they purchased National Lottery tickets via the internet.
Mobile gambling through laptops or handheld devices were the most popular remote gaming channel making up 9.8% of all respondents. This was followed by mobile phones with a 3.1% and interactive/digital with a 1.4%.

The technological progress of mobile online mobile devices means that all our favorite online scratch card games are available to us wherever and whenever we choose. Gone are the days where we had to be in front of a computer to play and enjoy our online scratch cards.

Online scratch card developers have realized that the mobile online gambling market is essential as scratch card players expect this service as a given and not a luxury.

It is common practice for many of us today to whip out our mobile devices and start scratching away in our leisure time or break time at work.

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