With the online gambling industry becoming a legal option in many parts of Europe and beyond, it is here in the UK where we are seen as an island of stability. It is no surprise that many outside parties look to the UK gambling market as a testing ground and even a blueprint for their own countries gambling polices.
There are two examples of major online companies who have proven the leadership role that the UK plays in the global gambling world.

“Gambling is very popular and well regulated in the UK,for millions of bingo users it’s already a social experience [so] it makes sense [for us] to offer that as well.” These are the words of Facebook’s head of gaming for Europe, Middle East and Africa ,Julien Codorniou.

As  anyone in the online world knows, Facebook chose to enter the real money gambling world earlier this month with the UK market as its prototype. Their partnership with Gamesys in launching a real money bingo and slots app called Bingo Friendzy is seen as a confirmation of the UK as a leading global gambling force. While other regions are continuing to battle regulations and government controls, the UK gambling market seem to have their finger on the pulse and are adapting to global market realities.

The UK online gambling market received a further vote of confidence from Big Fish Games who announced their real money offering of Card Ace: Casino for the iPhone app market. They have partnered up with the UK based startup Betable to launch this real money gambling app. Betable has a license to operate online gambling. They are an exciting company who in essence provide the chance for any online site to monetize their offerings anywhere where it is legally possible.

The element of social gambling is a major factor in the success of the UK gambling culture. They have managed to remove the stigma that having a flutter on bingo or a scratch card is something for only heavy gamblers. Online gambling has become as socially acceptable and prevalent as going out for a night on the town. Millions in the UK and elsewhere enjoy responsible gambling as an integral part of their daily routines.

Many other countries will look to adapt the positive aspects of the UK gambling market and perhaps improve on some of the problematic areas.  With the global online gambling market opening up in the U.S and beyond, there will no doubt be many more companies looking to test their online gambling products in a stable and well regulated market like that of the UK.

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