A lucky college student at Myerscough College in Bilsborrow hit the £100,000 National Lottery scratchcard jackpot prize.
Dane Belk-Gregory is the 24 year-old student who won the life changing scratchcard after buying a few cans of beer at the corner shop.
Gregory sated that he had just popped into the store and bought the scratchcard as an after-thought.

He stated,” I had literally dashed into the shop to buy some pop and as I had change in my pocket I decided to buy a scratchcard.”

Gregory explained that he played the scratchcardin the shop and could not believe his luck when discovering he had won the £100,000 jackpot prize.

Dane’s £100,000 National Lottery jackpot win could not have come at a better time as Dane promised to use his winnings to plan the wedding of the year.

Dane has a two year old daughter Brooke and has been engaged to his childhood sweetheart Ciara Doyle. She could not believe his luck with the winning card and reiterated her wish to use the scratchcard winnings for their wedding.

Dane expressed his gratitude for the scratch game win and said that due to the winning scratch card jackpot, he was now able to give Ciara the wedding she always dreamt of.

He said they were planning to wed next year and before the  win it would have been many more years before they could wed.
The couple added that they plan to use their winnings from the lucky scratch game to buy a house, a honeymoon and a car.

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