Traditional casino and gambling companies have never been so active in the social online arena. With last weeks’ dramatic entrance of the world’s largest social network Facebook into the real money gambling world, it has never been more important for these gambling entities to increase their online presence on social networks which are seen as a major gateway to millions of loyal users who might very well move over to any real money gaming offerings in the future.

This has meant that many top British bookmakers have started increasing their social presence on the popular networks. In a recent study by QuBit, it was found that among UK’s top gambling sites, Paddy Power received the highest overall score for an online social presence.

The score was calculated on a number of factors which includes the companies reach on social networks which is in turn based on revenue from each source and average time spent on these websites. Some of the major UK gambling companies include 888,Bet365, Betfred,Coral,Ladbrokes and William Hill.

The five major social networks included Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest. According to the report Betfair and Paddy Power were the only sites to have a presence on all 5 social networks.

Networks like Facebook and Twitter featured prominently among all gaming operators with an average of 29,900 likes and 20,800 followers.

Other interesting findings were that Bet365 and William Hill managed to gain the biggest reach via organic and paid traffic. The brand Coral was found to have the best brand paid and organic first paid reach.

However you read these types of statistics it is clear that the world of gambling and social games are becoming inseparable. Both need each other in order to sustain growth and profits.  While the giant Facebook became the first to test the waters of the online real money gambling market, the other social networks are bound to follow in one way or another.

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