“Treasure Hunt” Online Instant Win Scratch Card Review

Jackpot prizes of £100,000 combined with an exciting treasure hunt is what modern day online scratchie cards are all about. When deciding to have a flutter it is well worth your time to consider light hearted and fun gambling like scratchcards. These online games take the form of so many themes and backgrounds that you will hardly realize that you are gambling.

Treasure Hunt is one of those internet scratch games that let you hunt for hidden treasures. In this instant scratch game there are 28 regions that contain either skulls or treasure chests. Within every game there are 6 hidden treasures. If you find 2 or more in 6 picks then you are a winner.

Another unique feature of Treasure Hunt is the Bonus Game. If you collect 3 bonus items then the Bonus Game starts. In this game you get to select 1 of the 12 regions on the bonus game map in order to reveal a bonus win.

The graphics in Treasure Island are great and include giant waterfalls, Temples in the form of pyramids and deserted islands. With this online scratch card you have the opportunity to play from as low as £0.10 and should you wish go as high as £10. Besides being an entertaining online game, Treasure Hunt has a £100,000 Grand Jackpot Prize which will have you collecting treasure all the way.

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