The triangle of social gaming, social gambling and scratch cards is what many see as the future winning formula for online gambling. For many of us online gambling like scratch cards is more than just a way to earn money. Like the millions who play social free-to-play games on Facebook, many scratch card gamers enjoy the many varied themes that are available to the online scratch game player.

Gambling is a bit intimidating for a lot of us, especially the more traditional gambling formats like that of poker. The idea of playing and winning on something like a simple scratch card is very welcoming to those new to the gambling world.

One of the most interesting topics in the online gambling world today is that of the seemingly close bond of social gaming with social gambling. In the last few months there have been major social gaming giants as well as gambling giants who have entered into each other’s respective territories.

The most recent development was that of who announced their launch of their new social game studio called “Win”. They have reportedly allocated over $50 million to this project.  To an outsider this might seem strange at first as they are better known for traditional real money gambling offerings like poker with their PartyPoker brand being one of the most popular in the market.

Many traditional gambling houses like bwin are catching on quick to offer the online player socially based games. Many believe that their ultimate aim is to convert these social players to lighter forms of gambling lie scratch cards. The developers behind the modern-day scratch games have long incorporated many social themes that include activities we all love and enjoy.

On the other hand you have pure social gaming companies like Zynga who offer free-to-play online casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Slingo. Zynga has an estimated 7 million daily and dedicated users for their Texas Hold’Em which is the envy of many real money casino operators.

Both and Zynga have a common goal in mind which is to prepare themselves for the seemingly imminent legalization of online gambling in the U.S.
Most informed parties believe that the question is no longer if but when the U.S. legislation will keep up with global economic realities.

Both Zynga and will have to compete with established U.S. based gambling powerhouses like MGM Resorts International and Boyd Gaming who have also set their targets on the online gambling and poker markets in the U.S. when the dust settles in legal arena.

These land based casinos have recently entered into partnerships and strategic acquisitions to ensure that they have a foot in the social gaming world which would enable them to convert millions of loyal players to real-money online gamblers.

The figures bandied around are varied but no one doubts that there are many billions of dollars at stake should the U.S. market open up with the legalization of internet gambling.
The two seemingly conflicting worlds of social gaming and social gambling have never been so intertwined as they are at present.

For the social gamer looking for social gambling there are scratchcards that take you to the sporting world, the world of travel, the world of romance and even that world of fantasy. It is hard to think of any other gambling format that can do what scratchcards to do for millions.

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