There seems to be a flood of social casino gaming companies flooding the market today. The lure of the possibility to convert social casino players to real money players is proving to be too tempting for many to resist.

As anyone in the social and gambling world knows, Facebook has recently made what many consider as the ultimate game breaker for them when they decided to enter into real money gambling with GameSys. Their newly launched Bingo Friendzy real money offering has literally got the entire online world into a frenzy of its own.
There is hardly a day that goes by where you do not read about a new social gaming startup trying their luck on the Facebook platform or other social networks.
The amounts of money at stake are huge and the players backing these social casino games are global powerhouses. Two of the prominent examples of newly founded social casino gaming players are that of Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino.

Slotomania was acquired by Caesars and launched in October 2010. DoubleDown Casino was acquired by IGT for over $500 million in January 2012. These new brands have made their presence felt and are up there with the world’s largest social gaming company Zynga.  Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino are relatively new brands which were created from scratch. This pattern in the social casino world is unique and worth taking note of. Unlike other online industries, the social online gamer has a very short attention span. They are always looking for the latest and best app to entertain them.

This is good news for new social casino developers as it is hard to compete with the financial backing of these companies and they need to look for alternative markets to capture.

It is here where many industry experts are pointing to the mobile market as a way to level the playing ground for smaller new social casino companies. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the hottest technology sector in the world. There are currently over 1 billion smartphones and tablet users with this number growing by over 40 million per month. Any mobile expert will tell you that most mobile gamers tend to play and try new games only for a few minutes. If you do not succeed in getting their attention quickly they are likely to move on to the competition.

It is here where the mobile device can offer new social casino developers the chance to capture the attention and market of what is currently dominated by the larger gaming companies. When online players register their smartphones or tablets they are always keen to find cool new apps. If up and coming gaming companies succeed in capturing their audience with an unusual mobile landing page they have a good chance at getting a foothold into the mobile gambling arena and joining the virtual casino market.

If or should we say when online gambling is legalized in the U.S. and other parts of the globe, these social casino companies can well be the modern day version of the Gold Diggers that struck it rich. It comes as no surprise that there are daily new “Prospectors” looking to cash in on the online casino gold rush that is taking place before our very eyes.

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