The face of online gambling and social gaming was changed forever today with Facebook entering the real money gambling world. They have announced a partnership with Gamesys to provide the Bingo Friendzy real money bingo offering. The new App will be available at first only to UK players and only to adults over the age of 18. This marks the official merging of socialfree-to-play casino games with their real cash counterparts.

While Facebook and Gamesys are popping the champagne bottles, there are many questions being raised by online casinos. It is being suggested that Facebook has exploited their social platform in a cynical manner in order to give themselves an unfair advantage. Regular online casino operators are openly clear as to the online real money casino games offered.

Facebook on the other hand is doing what some define as “manipulating” their loyal customer base of hundreds of millions in order to gently fool them into laying out real cash. We are all aware of the highly popular free-to-play casino games currently available on Facebook. Up till now Facebook have been quick to insist that these are harmless and essentially social games as no real money is exchanged.

However with the latest partnership with GameSys, Facebook is offering the identical so called socially based casino games but “innocently” entering a road with no return.

Once the floodgates are opened up for real money gambling, it will be impossible to close them again. The chance for millions of online social gamers to play their favorite casino-based games will prove too tempting for many. Taking into consideration that all the social casino games look and play exactly as the real money casino games, one can only imagine how many new gamblers will be created.

While regular casino sites have no element of free-to play virtual casino games, Facebook is being accused by many of using their social casino games as a “Trojan Horse” in order to capture their real target audience which is real money gamblers.

There are many concerned casino operators at the moment as the world’s largest social network seems to have opened up Pandora’s Box. What is even more concerning for other gambling operators is that Facebook have already declared their intentions of expanding their real money casino offerings to other casino games such as blackjack and Roulette.

While for Facebook, it seems a guaranteed “Royal Flush,” the possible detrimental ramifications for other gambling interests are definitely something for them to worry about.

It is hard to see how Facebook could loose on such deal as the online gambling market is so huge and many would easily fork over their cash to the world’s largest social network which has a reputation of trustworthiness and stability.

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