The Suitcase Online Scratch Card Game

The Suitcase is a sophisticated online scratch card game that lets you play a high-end cat burglar. This scratch card game aims at giving you a taste of what it could be like in the exciting world of a James Bond like character where you need to crack hidden codes to get your hands on priceless jewels.

To play The Suitcase Scratch card game is easy as all you need to do is to find the code that opens up the briefcase in one of the prices of paper on the table.

Should you find the code that opens up the case then you win the amount indicated.

You could win up to £10,000 on this intriguing scratch card game and with bets starting from as low as £0.25 with a maximum of £10, there is no reason why you should not try and get your hands on the jewels.

The graphics in The Suitcase scratch card game are slick and I enjoyed the sounds especially those of the police sirens when you do not succeed in guessing the correct code.

All in all this scratch card game takes you to an interesting and dangerous world which provides for an exciting online scratch card experience.

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