Lotteries are still the most popular form of gambling for millions of regular folk who believe that they could be the next lotto winner you read about in the paper. All lotteries utilize scratch cards as an integral part of their marketing campaign. Scratch tickets are a crowd favorite as wherever you look there is a store or outlet that sells them along with your newspaper or cup of coffee. Whether it be dedicated lotto outlets or local kiosk they are always within reach for next to nothing.

For a Saratoga Springs man the dream of winning big with a lottery scratch cardcame true. The 82 year old retired iron worker and carpenter Ansel Lyman purchased his lucky “20x the Bucks” scratch-off tickets along with his coffee at Stewart’s Shops. To the delight of Lyman the first scratch card was the  $1 million winner,” I said, ‘Unbelievable!’ when I found my numbers matched. I’m undecided as to what to do with the money.”

Lyman will receive his fortune in 20 annual payments of £33,090.Lyman’s son joked that the money was all his father’s to spend but he would make sure his father would pay when they go out.

Now days both lottery and scratch cards are available online and even via mobile devices. It has never been so simple and fun to engage in cheap and profitable online gambling that requires no prior experience or expertise. Online scratch card and lottery sites are just a click away.

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