Teifi Valley Man Set For Life With National Lottery ScratchCard Win

Imagine winning a guaranteed income for the rest of your life at the young age of 31. Well for lucky 31 year old Liam Woodcraft of Teifi valley this is now a reality thanks to a National Lottery Rich For Life scratch card win.

The prize means that Liam will win £40,000 every year on April 24 for the rest of his life. The self-employed builder lives with his partner and two young children. Like so many he purchased the winning scratchie at his local newsagent and only discovered his scratch fortune when he arrived at home.

With his win Liam intends going on a vacation with his family and even intends on wedding his partner Charlotte who is 23. Liam was still contemplating if he will carry on working as the win in essence mans that he now has the choice to retire ,” I haven’t really had time to think about what we’re going to do with the money yet and I haven’t decided whether or not to carry on working. We’ve been planning to get married for a while and this will allow us to do that without worrying about money.”

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