One of the fastest growing trends in the online gambling and online scratch card industry is that of mobile portable devices that include tablets and smartphones.The days of scratchcard playershaving to be tied down to a computer at a desk at home or in the office are over.

Many online scratch card players are turning to devices that give us full control of how and when we choose to scratch away. Tablet devices and smartphones are becoming the fastest growing market in the mobile technology world today.

In a recent report from market researcher Forrester research this clear trend seems to be confirmed. According to the report the PC market is in for major changes as many choose the portability and convenience of the ultra compact tablet devices.

Who can resist the ability to play your scratchcards on your mobile tablet device with the latest scratch card apps at your fingertips? It was only a few years ago that the only way to enjoy scratching and winning were by going down to the corner store to purchase them.

Sales of tablets re estimated to reach over 375 million by 2016 which in effect means a growth rate of over 46% annually. Even more worrying for PC manufacturers is the fact that they estimate that by 2016 over 760 million tablets will be in use.

The main player in the tablet market is still Apple with their iPad who essentially started the tablet market.  According to Forrester they will make up one third of tablet sales by 2016, while Google’s Android will decline due to Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 as well as problems with apps.

Windows 8 is aimed at both tablets and the PC market which should make it a powerful player in the tablet device market.
According to Forrester the anticipated development s in processing power and voice recognition features will only add to the tablets popularity which will surely make scratch card enthusiasts  even more keen to use tablets to power their favorite scratch games.

It is difficult to see how the PC industry will be able to offer the likes of online gamblers and scratch card players the portability and accessibility of table devices. It is becoming pretty standard for many to play their scratch cards at their leisure whether it is on a break at work or between errands.

Scratchcards have long become a popular and accepted social form of entertainment which provides the chance to scratch and win instant jackpots.

Forrester believe that Windows 8 will replace many Android devices as manufacturers will start using the Windows 8 platform to power their tablet devices.

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