Tablet Sales Set To Outsell PC’s in 2013

Mobile gambling has long since been predicted to be the future of online gambling. We have covered extensively the developments in this burgeoning sector as it is increasingly becoming the primary niche for growth for both players and platform developers. Convenience is what modern online entertainment is all about and internet gambling is one of the fastest growing in the online world. The days of having to frequent brick and mortar casinos are over and anyone can now literally have a flutter with a touch of a button via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

The latest research from IDC has confirmed what may including us have being predicting. Tablet sales are set to overtake those of the classic PC as we know it. The first quarter in 2013 has been a record breaking one in the negative sense for 2013. This drop of 13.9% is even worse than the 7.7% drop predicted with only 76.3 million units sold globally for PC manufacturers.

Another interesting finding was that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is not boosting PC sales but in reality is believed to be affecting sales in a negative way. Microsoft seems to have missed the ball again like with their infamous Vista version of Windows. Consumers can not get to grips with the radical user interface change and the notorious missing “Start” button. Many have stated the obvious which Microsoft seemed to have missed in that Windows 8 looks and feels like a operating system for tables and not PC’s. If people want a tablet they will purchase the real thing and not try and dress up a PC with a tablet skin.This record breaking drop in sales marks the tenth consecutive quarter-on-year declines in the U.S. The news was also not good in Europe ,China and even the Asia Pacific region where losses were also recorded.

The top global PC vendor remains HP but even their sales fell by a record 23%. Even Apple suffered a 7.5% decline to sell only 1.4 million units. The current trends have led to many industry experts in predicting that 2013 could be the year where tablet sales finally outpace PC sales with quarterly sales of over 55 million.

Whichever way you look at it the consumer is moving towards easy to use powerful mobile devices. The PC industry will have to come up with more than a failed attempt like Windows 8 at fooling the public.

IDC Research Director ,David Daoud summed up the predicament  and challenges facing PC vendors,” Vendors will have to revisit their organizational structures and go-to-market strategies, as well as their supply chain, distribution, and product portfolios in the face of shrinking demand and looming consolidation.”

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