Without a doubt the hottest item on the mobile technology world is that of the tablet devices. Many experts believe that the tablet could ultimately replace the traditional PC for many users looking for portability and simplicity.

For online mobile gamblers like scratch card users, the tablet and smartphone have become the gadgets of choice when playing our chosen scratchies. There is no greater feeling of whipping out your tablet and scratching away at your heart’s content. Trying out the latest scratchcard game is as easy as dialing a friend.

Research firm IDC has recently updated their forecasts regarding tablet devices which reinforce their incredible growth rate. In their latest forecasts Apple’s iPad is expected to grab up to 62.5% of the tablet market in 2012 which is an increase from the 58.25 in 2011. While Apple is on the rise Android is expected to report a drop from 38.7% in 2011 to a forecast of 36% in 2012.

Apple’s dominance can widely be attributed to their iPad 3 which boasts the improved Retina Display and 4g capabilities which has proven to attract many exiting iPad owners to upgrade. Apple’s clever marketing tactics of lowering their price on the iPad2 has also proved highly successful in ensuring they remain the top dogs in the tablet market. Rumors of Apple set to launch a 7icn tablet at a price below $300 would only strengthen their current dominance.

IDC expect overall tablet devices to reach over 107.4 million units in 2012 which is higher than the 106.1 million estimated earlier. There is bad news for BlackBerry whose RIM’s tablets are estimated to capture a measly 1% of the tablet market which is down from their 1.7% in 2011.

According to IDC tablet sales will reach over 222.1 million units by 2016 which again proves how popular these portable devices are.

Online scratch card sites are well aware of the need to bring their scratchcard users the latest apps in order to keep up with the times. There is no doubt that the tablet devices are becoming increasingly popular for many as their portable gateway to the world of online scratch cards.

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