For many of us the ability to stay constantly online is not a luxury but a requirement. Whether tit be our need to be online for our mobile gambling and scratch card apps or for work purposes, the way we chose to remain online is becoming a major point of focus for mobile technology manufacturers. Mobile smart devices like tablets are literally changing the way we go about our daily routines.

According to the latest report from research company NPD DisplaySearch, the dominant mobile device which will feature prominently in our lives will be that of the Tablet.

Apple started the Tablet revolution with it’s’ iPad and has since been followed by other tablet manufacturers.

Mobile devices like Tablets have resulted in a burgeoning mobile scratch card market with many enjoying the ability to scratch instant jackpots. It is hard to believe that one is able to be in control of your scratchcard gaming choices. You are now able to play scratchies on your way to work or relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

According to the report by the year 2016 the Tablet market will overtake those of notebooks. The trend is reported to increase with tablet shipments reaching an astonishing 416 million units in 2017. This represents a massive increase of over 121 million units from this year.

The main areas of growth are in what is termed the “Mature markets” which include Japan, North America and Western Europe which alone will collectively make up over 66% of tablet shipments in 2012 and over 65% in the next five years.

The advancements in the Tablet devices along with their portability and extended battery life make them the popular choice for many over the traditional notebook. This trend is set to grow as Tablets are improved even further with better displays, CPU’s and operating systems.

It is now case of the Tablet devices being able to compete with traditional notebooks in offering high-performance mobile devices.

Notebook providers are still a major force in mobile computing but their forecast downward trend is set to continue with their 49% projected market share of Mobile PC shipments for 2017 .This is a sharp drop from their 60% market share this year.

The traditional notebook market will have to continue to develop ultra slim notebooks in order to compete with the ever popular tablet devices.
Tablets like iPad’s have made mobile devices not only accessible to all but most importantly they have improved our mobile scratchie playing options.

To think back and remember that only a few years ago the only way to enjoy scratchcards was through purchasing them physically. Thanks to the Tablet device we are all in a position to reap the rewards of scratchcard jackpots that easily reach into the millions of pounds with a simple touch of a button.

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