The hottest mobile technology trend in the world today is that of tablet devices. Many are using tablets to power online gambling like scratch cards.

The portability and ease of access of tablets make them ideal for online scratch card players who are looking for ways that make their lives easier.

According to a report by market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) it was reported that overall tablet sales have slowed down by 1.2 million units for the Q1 of 2012.However for Apple the good news is that their excellent sales of the iPad boosted Apple’s market share to a dominant 68%.

Although sales in Q1 of 2012 were expected to be less than that of the Christmas Season, the original estimate of IDC of 18.6 million units for Q1 in 2012 were higher than the 17.4 million actually sold.

All major scratch card sites like Wild Jack Casino feature mobile scratch card sites that are designed to bring all your favorite scratch games to your tablet devices.

All top scratch card sites are realizing that manyscratch card players are using their tablet devices as their primary gateway to enjoy their online games.

Tablets are the ideal platform to power scratch cards as their portability provides the online player the ability to scratch and win whenever and wherever they choose.

Despite the drop Apple managed to sell over 12 million iPads which was helped by clever marketing strategies. Just like with the iPhone, Apple lowered the price of their older iPads to make them competitive with other brands while maintaining a premium price tag on their latest iPad models.

Android tablets took a major drop in sales as in the Holiday season they made up over 50% of tablet sales while in the first quarter of 2012 the Android market share dropped to a 32% market share.

Among the big losers were Amazon with their Kindle Fire who reported a massive drop from their 5 million tablets sold in the Q4 of 2011 to about 1 million units in Q1 of 2012.

It remains to be seen who if anyone can keep up with Apple in this fast growing sector. IDC predicts growth for the foreseeable future in the tablet market and time will tell if Android can give Apple a run for their money.

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