The Spanish Gambling market is in the process of regulating online gambling. With internet gambling estimated at over $1 billion in Spain the competition is stiff as the Spanish Government will start issuing online gambling licenses in the coming week.

Many gamblers who enjoy their traditional scratchcards or poker are now turning to the online version of their games. With hectic schedules many of us insist on controlling when and where we decide to have a flutter on scratch cards or other gambling choices.

The convenience and accessibility of modern day online scratch cards means we never have to leave out homes in order to scratch and win big cash jackpots.

The Spanish Government has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons of late as they have been involved in some dubious tactics to say the least with the issuing of their internet licenses.

In what has been seen as strong arm tactics, they have forced major gaming companies like bwin, Sportingbet and 888 to pay up back taxes quoting some antiquated legislation to justify it. This desperate attempt just showed on one hand how desperate the Spanish Government are for additional revenues and on the other hand how major gaming operators are prepared to pay millions for a online license.

As the Spanish Government is well aware of the massive potential of online gambling such as scratch games among the masses, it is seen by them as legitimate to insist on hefty license fees from scratch card operators.

The position in Spain up till now was that most major online sport betting and gambling was controlled by offshore companies and it is only now with the new regulations that Spanish operators like Codere are joining he party.

Affordability is key to millions of Spanish online gamblers and it is here where the online scratch card industry could play a vital role in providing a cheap yet rewarding scratch game entertainment for millions of cash strapped players.

The number of licenses to be issued has no limit and according to reports there have been over 59 licenses already issued which includes some of the major gaming operators like 888, Betfair, Sportingbet, Ladbrokes and
The Spanish Government is expected to receive in the region of 10-25% in taxes from these gaming revenues which would help them combat a massive deficit of €52 billion.

Tax revenues from the likes of scratch cards are seen by many as the answer to politician’s prayers. Even among traditional gambling opponents, scratch cards are more readily accepted as a social game and are not associated with more addictive forms of gambling.

The fact that there are many scratchies that start from as low as 10p certainly gives legitimacy to the notion that online scratch games are the peoples entrance into the gambling world.

Gambling in Spain is big business and whether it be sports betting or online poker, the potential revenues are extremely high. It is estimated that Spanish gambling sector as a whole reported a €7 billion rise in the years from 2008 to 2010 with over €27.3 billion in 2010 alone.

It is no surprise that 888,Betfair and Bwin were prepared to cough up millions of Euros in questionable back taxes in order not to jeopardize their chances at getting their share of this huge gambling market.

As we mentioned the “tax grab” by the Spanish Government has put Spain in a difficult position as some believe that it could affect future foreign investment as the tactics employed were questionable at best.

In another show of desperation from the Spanish Government for gambling revenues there are also reports that Spain is considering revising certain tax laws that would enable the U.S. Las Vegas Sands to build a massive $35 billion casino complex in Madrid or Barcelona which could potentially be half the size of the Las Vegas Strip.

The dominant trend in gambling is without a doubt leaning towards internet gambling. With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets the first choice of many online scratch card players is that of mobile scratch card games.

Like other major gambling operators, scratch card sites have developed cutting edge mobile scratchcard apps that are able to bring the traditional scratchcard games to the tips of your fingers.

We continue to follow with interest the changes in the global gambling industry and in particular those affecting the scratch card community.

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