Most of Europe are in the process of expanding and regulating online gambling that includes favorites like scratch cards and poker. The lucrative market of internet gambling cannot be ignored and most Governments are being pragmatic regarding the legalization of online scratch cards and poker.

With many countries cash strapped they are finding interesting methods to tax the likes of scratch cards and other popular gambling options.

Many European based online gambling firms are scrambling to pay back taxes to the Spanish government who are in the process of considering granting online gambling licenses.

This latest tactic by the Spanish Government has raised many eyebrows especially at their timing.
Like many other Governments, the Spanish authorities have been hit hard by the global recession and are in dire need of methods to raise cash funds.

The Spanish Government is demanding back taxes for the period of January 2009 to May 2011 when the legal situation was not clear. Many online gaming firms are in close talks with Spanish Authorities regarding paying retrospective taxes in an attempt to ensure that their gaming licenses are not delayed by the June deadline.

When choosing whether to legalize online gambling many countries prefer to start off with softer forms of gambling like that of scratchcards. The fact everyone knows and understands how scratch cards work makes them the ideal gateway into the online gambling market.

Many traditional forms of gambling like poker are considered to be less attractive than scratch cards as they are more likely to appeal to heavy gamblers and not the man in the street.

Spain is in the process of transforming their online gambling sector and this means lucrative opportunities for many gaming companies. Spanish Authorities have had a change of mind recently and have decided that previous concessions given to online operators were no longer relevant and there would need to be a reassessment of the existing agreements.

With Scratch cards the chance to play and win with minimum cash layout is one of the main reasons why the traditional scratchcard is so popular in its modern-day online version.

With the explosion of mobile devices it has become so easy to scratch and win with a touch of a button. Social gambling formats like scratch cards are being openly enjoyed by millions and gone are the days when one had to physically go down to your local store to buy a scratch ticket.

Online and mobile scratchcard apps have brought life changing jackpots to the palms of our hands. Whether you use Android, iOS or Windows based mobile devices, there are scratch card apps designed for you.
Of course both the Spanish Government and the interested gaming parties deny any connection to the upcoming granting of licenses but it is clear to all that the rush to settle any tax disputes is aimed at preventing any delays in their licenses being granted.
Many people are looking for more social types of gambling. Scratchcards provide the opportunity to have fun while at the same time playing for million pound scratchcard jackpots.

The world’s largest listed online ambling company digital has announced that it will promptly pay out $42 million in so called back taxes to appease the Spanish authorities.

In a statement from the company they implied what is obvious to all outsiders,” Having taken these steps, we believe we have now fulfilled all requirements and look forward to receiving our license and entering the Spanish market.”
The demand for gaming licenses in Spain is huge and it is reported that over 60 companies have applied for a piece of the gambling pie.

Smaller gaming companies like British–based Sporting Plc have confirmed that they are in talks with the Spanish authorities and according to analysts they could be hit hard by the retroactive tax bill that could reach an estimated £20 million.

Other gaming parties like online poker and casino operator 888 are seeking legal and tax advice while still talking to the Spanish authorities on a final settlement arrangement. They have however stated that the amount that they are likely to pay would be considerably a lot less that of Bwin for example.

This latest move by the Spanish Government has got many people worried as other countries could adopt similar tactics in an attempt to “extract” millions of pounds in back taxes.

Although the modern online scratch card is based on the scratch tickets we all used to buy, there variety and scope of modern day scratch cards has never been so apparent. There are literally scratchies that range from sporting themes to those that incorporate a casino game into a scratch game.

It is no surprise that many Governments and online gambling operators are scrambling to get their affairs in order. The potential for online gambling like scratch cards is endless as there is the universal need in all of us to challenge our luck and improve our destiny with a single punt on our chosen online casino games.

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