Socialitize Ltd has launched a new Social Betting Game 2BET2 on Facebook. This game combines current real life sporting events with social integration and provides a unique gaming experience.

In this fantastic new game players get the opportunity to bet on global sports events as well as betting against the house and other players.

Players use virtual currency (BB$) which are free of charge when starting to play the game.
The betting odds are based on the same method as Vegas Sports book and are identical to real sports betting. The odds are continuously updated which provides an added thrill to the game.

The sports included are varied and include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby Union/League, Golf, Tennis, Cricket and over 25 different European Football Leagues.

A great feature of 2BET2 is the real-time Feed which gives you the player constant updates and allows players to comment, respect or even taunt their friends’ bets.

Brink also pointed out the added benefits of using the biggest social network in the world as players love the social betting hooks within the game.

The ability to respect or taunt your friends’ bets is a unique form of social integration which many other Facebook games do not offer. This and other unique features make 2BET2 a cut above the rest.

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