Social gambling is on the rise globally with many people enjoying the odd flutter on sports betting and online scratch cards. These social forms of online gambling are increasing in popularity all the time.

Many people see the scratch cardas the ultimate combination of entertainment on the one hand and massive winning opportunities on the other.

There are few formats that can compete with the simple scratch card in terms of low cash layout and high cash rewards.
A recent report releases by analysts IBISWorld in Australia reveal that sports betting is rising at a rate of 15% during the past 5 years.
This is remarkable as it there are no other gambling formats doing better besides casinos.

The interesting research found that the average demographic for the sports betting were the young professionals who had more disposable income than others sectors.

The research also points out that Australian gambling industry is set to grow by 3.3% in 2011-12 with over $22.5 billion spent. This makes an average of $1265 per person.

Am major contributing factor to this widespread growth is the advancements if the smartphone technology which makes online gambling easily available to all.

All major scratchcard operators and sports betting sites are succeeding in capturing all the thrills of online scratch cards and sports betting in a mobile compact form which is making our gambling experience a pleasure.

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