Anyone using Facebook or other major social networks cannot ignore the rise of social casino games on offer. Some of the top online games are casino-based. Social gaming giants like Zynga boast over 35 million monthly users on their Zynga Poker. These types of games are popping up every day as many gambling companies see them as an excellent way to attract real-money gamblers. With the global online gambling market opening up, it comes as no surprise that many social gaming companies are looking to get a piece of the lucrative gambling pie.

A report by online games research firm SuperData has released interesting data to support this trend. According to the report online players spent over $1.6 billion globally this year and this is expected to grow to over $2.4 billion by 2015.

More and more social gamers are turning tosocial casino games where the average social casino gamer spent $78 in July. This is much more than the average $43 spent by social gamers.

The United States is the leading market with over $660 million spent annually. Europe is second place with $446 million and Asia follows in third place with $331 million. Latin America spends $180.7 million while Australia spends $59.8 million. There are currently over 35.4 million monthly social casino players in the U.S. The number of players in the social casino market has doubled since 2010.

SuperData’s vice president of research, Janelle Benjamin said,” Both small social game developers and large land-based casino operators are looking at this new space. With declining margins in the overall social games segment, casino-style games offer a healthy growth potential. SuperData bases its findings on its unique panel of over one million paying online gamers.”

It remains to be seen how many of these social casino gaming companies will actually succeed in converting their online players to the real gambling option. While the rewards could  pay off in a big way they might also risk the possibility of losing their online gaming fans who are not looking for what some label as additive and even harmful casino games.

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