Quality of our gambling experience is key to all of us online gamblers and in particular online scratch card players. Most of us expect the only the best and latest developments from our scratch card developers.

Mobile scratch card apps are being made available for our pleasure and are being powered by cutting edge mobile smartphones that have replaced the cumbersome PC for many of us.

In a report by research firm Ovum, it was confirmed that smartphones are set to dominate our lives in the coming years. According to the report smartphone shipments are expected to rise at a compound annual growth of 24.9% over the next five years.

Total smartphone shipment are expected to rise to 1.7 billion units by the year 2017 which would represent a dramatic increase in the 488 million smartphones that were available in 2011 for consumers.

The chance to win million pound scratch card jackpots is becoming so easy and man choose to scratch and win while taking a break from their daily routine.

Ovum believe that Android is set to become the dominant player in this growing market and already grabbed up 44% of the smartphone market in 2011 which was an impressive increase of 17% market share in 2010.

Ovum expects that by 2017 Android will make up 48% of the market which would almost double the 27% share of Apple.
The global smartphone industry has never been so exciting and it is worth noting that for the first time in 2011 smartphone shipments reached 415 million units which outpaced PC shipments.

For scratchcard players the PC seems an obsolete option to power their scratch games as the convenience and accessibility of mobile phones is difficult to compete with. The days of physically having to buy a scratchie seems like ancient history.

Modern times demand modern solutions and for scratchcard devotees the mobile scratch card app are the ideal solution for a user-friendly scratchcard experience.

Many interpret the fact the smartphone sales outperformed PC’s as a clear trend for the future. More and more consumers are identifying the portable capability of today’s advanced technology in smartphones as a viable alternative to the cumbersome PC.

What was once a high end product is now in reach of the masses which is bound to change the way we approach technology.

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